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Pioneer Meat got its start with a good old-fashioned sales call. In 1968, founder Bernie Penner started selling his homemade farmers sausage door to door in Altona, Manitoba. It was made locally from the freshest ingredients. Right from the first taste, locals couldn't get enough of this delicious product.

In the early 1980's, Penner Foods started carrying our farmer's sausage in their rural stores. It flew off the shelf and was being sold in grocery stores throughout Manitoba by the mid-1980s. Pioneer Meat was on the map and our Farmers Sausage has since been heralded as the #1 choice in Farmers Sausage.   

Supply and demand have dictated our growth and shaped our business philosophy. From the very start, we never made more than we could sell to ensure that our product was the highest quality possible. We don't do door to door sales any more and technology has modernized our processes, but not much else has changed since 1968. We continue to use only the freshest ingredients that are grown and produced locally. We don't mass-produce anything, never have overruns and only sell products fresh.

Maybe that's why people from all over the world rave about Pioneer Meat farmers sausage. It's not unusual to have customers come by and purchase up to 2,000 pounds of our farmers sausage. We also get frequent requests for product throughout North America. And strangely enough, no matter where we travel in this world, we always encounter someone who's heard of Pioneer Meat and tried our delicious products. 

In the words of our president, Scott Penner, "It's quite the feeling. We're proud of what we've built".

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