Farmers Sausage - A Love Story
by Pioneer Meat

Farmers Sausage - A Love Story

What food could be easier to love than the farmer sausage? To begin with, it's a fine and humble meat with a proud history. Its modest beginning is proof that the mother of invention is necessity. Farmers sausage came about through the simply, economic need to preserve food for a later date. Using mild spices and clever smoking techniques made it possible to cure meat, extend its usefulness and ensure a long and healthy shelf life. 

Farmers sausage also proves that there can be perfection in simplicity. The way we make it at Pioneer Meat some might even call it elegant.  Made from fresh ground pork, combined with spices and carefully processed to perfection, Pioneer farmers sausage is, well, perfectly simple. It's lean, has no filler and, by the standards of food lovers, is a true classic beauty.

It is also incredibly accommodating. Our farmers sausage can perform solo as a delicious meal or will happily blend with almost any ingredients for the perfect dining ensemble.  For example, you can use farmers sausage to make:

And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cooking. Farmers sausage just goes with everything. Sounds like a love story, doesn't it?

At Pioneer Meat, it really is. We love what we make. We love how we make it. We love how you enjoy it. And we love giving you hundreds of ideas for cooking it.

Farmers sausage. It's our passion. And we're proud of it.

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