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Core Values
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Core Values

Pioneer Meat is primarily a processing facility, located in the small community of Altona, Manitoba. Here's what we're about:

We're a family
Bernie Penner started this business in 1968. Today, a second generation of our family is ensuring that Pioneer Meat maintains his values as our business continues to grow. 

We keep it simple
We keep our system simple by never producing anything until it's sold. Unlike many facilities that mass-produce farmers sausage with the hope that it will sell while it's still fresh, Pioneer products are:

1. sold on the first day
2. processed on the second
3. delivered on the third

This ensures that everything we sell is fresh, with no overruns to be sold at a less than premium condition. 

We buy locally
The ingredients we use for our products are typically purchased through local producers and transported to the plant a day or two before the scheduled production.

We keep it fresh
While most facilities often delay further processing from this point, our process ensures that products are ground, stuffed, smoked, chilled, packaged and prepped for delivery all within a 24 hour period. Now that's fresh.

We build relationships
Pioneer maintains close contact with our retailing partners and restaurants that sell our products. 

We ensure optimal satisfaction
We understand that ensuring optimal satisfaction often requires a significantly greater effort. Everything we do is geared towards making it happen. 

We work hard
You don't get to have the following we have without hard work. This is a very important piece in our company culture. Everyone on our team is 100% committed to producing the best possible product for our customers and our retailing partners.

We're competitive
We're not too proud to say that we've raised the bar in our industry, but we're humble enough to be grateful for all that it's brought us. Being competitive is good for our business and for our customers. 


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