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Farmers sausage is one of the most basic of all processed meats. Historically, it came about by the need to preserve food for a later date by using a combination of smoking and salt to cure or partially cure meat.

Our farmers sausage recipe follows the same traditions, using the freshest ingredients and the cleanest curing process. extending it's usefulness and shelf life. As our president Scott Penner says, "It's the simplicity of the recipe that suggests a mild flavor. It's also the infusion of hickory smoke along with our meticulous tendencies that help transform this modest meat into a memorable one."

We use exactly 6 ingredients in our farmers sausage. And they're ingredients whose names you can actually pronounce.

  • pork
  • salt
  • pepper
  • sodium nitrite (preservative)
  • sodium erythorbate (curing additive)
  • smoke



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