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We have lots of great reasons to choose Pioneer Meats. We have fresh products, made locally by a fantastic team. Our meats are delicious and offer up endless possibilities for meals, snacks and entertaining. Our business is 100% dedicated to serving our customers and providing them with the best experience. We could tell you all of that, or we could let our happy customers speak for us.

Kalinda, BC
"My cousin introduced me to your delicious sausage! I brought back home as much as I could fit in my suitcase... Thank-you for making such a wonderful product! Sorry for all the exclamation points but your sausage deserves it!!"

Cynthia Winkler, Manitoba
"On behalf of MDS (Mennonite Disaster Service) New Orleans Louisiana, I would like to sincerely thank you for your donation of Farmers Sausage. As a cook for 6 weeks, the taste of home (I’m from Winkler) was like a taste of “heaven on Earth. We greatly appreciated the delicious meal. Farmers Sausage being the main dish of course! May you be blessed for your kindness of this contribution. Sincerely Cynthia."
Betty Steinbach, Manitoba
"Pioneer is such a big part of our family, and our growing city. I thought Pioneer Meat was located in Steinbach. I was wrong! You sure put Altona on the map!! We love your sausage."

Ed, Winnipeg, Manitoba
"To everyone at Pioneer Meat, thank you for continuing to make your sausage the same I loved it as a kid and can't stop eating now. It's still the same great product!

Way to go!"
Stacy, Ohio
"I've got to say, I'm so glad I came across Pioneer Farmer Sausage. We served it at a gathering yesterday and everyone was asking where we got it from. It made a funny story when we told them it was from our suitcase. It's too bad your sausage isn't in the States yet. Let us know when you are!"

Eric, Altona, Manitoba
"Last night I grilled up some of your new Jalapeno Farmer Sausage Burgers.

I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the spicy twist on the classic sausage burger. The Jalapeno flakes were not too noticeable at first but later you could feel a bit of heat on the tongue. I tried one with melted mozzarella and a bit of a salsa. A great change from the regular sausage burger.

I will definitely be buying more Jalapeno Sausage burgers and telling friends and family about them.

I also noticed that the labeling also now reads Gluten-Free. That’s really awesome! It takes the guesswork out of wondering what is all classified under the word spices."
Daniel, New Brunswick
"Pioneer Meat Rocks! We were in Manitoba last month and made sure to bring back Pioneer products. We actually bought a suitcase from the local thrift store and packed it with as much as we could! After our friends found out we had Pioneer, they almost cleaned us out! Now we're looking forward to our next trip to Manitoba.

When are you bringing your sausage to the East coast? Soon we hope."

Dan, Abbotsford, BC.
"Nothing beats Pioneer’s farmers sausage."

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