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We got our start in 1968 when founder Bernie Penner started selling fresh, locally made farmers sausage door to door in the little town of Altona, Manitoba. Decades have passed and a second generation continues to run this thriving family business.

We're still in Altona and proud of it. We’ve grown in many ways, but there are some traditions we'll never change.

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Farmers Sausage - A Love Story
Farmers Sausage - A Love Story What food could be easier to love than the farmer sausage? To begin with, it's a fine and humble meat with a proud history. Its modest beginning is proof that the mother of invention is necessity. Farmers sausage came about through the simply, economic need to preserve food for a later date. Using mild spices and clever smoking techniques made it possible to cure meat, extend its usefulness and ensure a long and healthy shelf life. Farmers sausage also proves that there can be perfection in simplicity. The way we make it at Pioneer Meat some might even call it elegant. Made from fresh ground pork, combined with spices and carefully processed to perfe ...
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While our products stand alone as delicious meals and treats, they’re also the perfect ingredient in many recipes. From hot and spicy dishes to rich Italian pastas, mouth-watering Mediterranean or Asian cuisine, Pioneer Meat products offer the ideal base for every meal, at any time of day.

Check out some of our "favourite" recipes here.

"Last night I grilled up some of your new Jalapeno Farmer Sausage Burgers. I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the spicy twist on the classic sausage burger. The Jalapeno flakes were not too noticeable at first but later you could feel a bit of heat on the tongue. I tried o ..."
Eric, Altona, Manitoba
"On behalf of MDS (Mennonite Disaster Service) New Orleans Louisiana, I would like to sincerely thank you for your donation of Farmers Sausage. As a cook for 6 weeks, the taste of home (I’m from Winkler) was like a taste of “heaven on Earth. We greatly appreciated the delicious me ..."
Cynthia Winkler, Manitoba
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